Noise Nuisance

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Inevitably, life in close proximity requires consideration of one’s neighbours and other residents.

Dolphin Quays’ apartments are well insulated, but noise can travel through the structure, through open windows and along corridors, so do please think of others when you are in your apartment.

There are Regulations in place to make sure that no resident is unreasonably impacted by noise – please refer to the Regulations section of this Knowledge Base for full details.

If you experience noise-related problems yourself, do please contact the Concierge. They will do everything they can to resolve the issue. If they are not available, please put a comment in the residents’ book in reception, and Concierge will respond.

In the event that you suffer noise pollution which is external to the development, you may wish to contact;

Environmental and Consumer Protection
BCP Council
Unit 1, Newfields Business Park
2, Stinsford Road
Poole BH17 0NF

Email : environment@bcpcouncil.gov.uk
Tel: Working hours 01202 261700
Tel: Out-of-hours 0800 506050