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The residential elements of Dolphin Quays are owned and controlled by Dolphin Quays (2009) Limited, a company set up to acquire the Head Lease on behalf of residents in 2009.

This Residents’ Management Company is run by a Board of volunteer Directors, each of whom owns an apartment within the block. The Directors oversee the management of the building, review expenditure and capital works, and set the annual service charge budget. The Board is committed to achieving best value whilst maintaining the high standards for which the building is recognised.

The Board meets on a quarterly basis and a full Annual Leaseholders’ Meeting is held every Autumn. An agenda is circulated by the Managing Agent and shareholders have the opportunity to vote upon matters arising and express their opinions over issues which affect the building. The Board itself is made up of five volunteer directors all of whom own apartments in Dolphin Quays.

Other residents who are content to volunteer their assistance are always welcome to apply. Appointments are voted upon at the Annual Meeting. Each apartment owner is entitled to 1 share, which must be passed to successive owners when an apartment is sold. Only owners of apartments who own a valid share are entitled to vote at the Company’s Annual Meeting.

Dolphin Quays (2009) Limited owns a small number of car parking spaces and storage cupboards within the development, which it rents out for income. Additional income is received from licences to sub-let. This results in a modest annual surplus which is usually returned to shareholders.

The Directors can be contacted by email at directors@dolphin-quays.uk or to:

Dolphin Quays (2009) Limited
Registered Office;
108 Reception
Dolphin Quays
The Quay
Dorset BH15 1HH