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Glide are now our managing agents.

They are responsible for the day-to-day management of DQ09’s responsibilities under the headlease.

These include:

  • Inspection and maintenance of the common parts of the residential area such as corridors, lifts, stairs etc.

  • Selecting contractors to do this work.

  • Collecting service charges from leaseholders and drafting annual budgets for this.

  • Collecting ground rents on behalf of the superior landlord, Marcol Investments (Poole) ltd.

  • Employing and training of the concierge team.

  • Dealing with resident’s issues.

  • Liaising with Marcol’s managing agents, Orbit, on ‘shared cost’ maintenance such as roofs and exterior walls.

  • As we are a ‘relevant Building’ under the Building Safety Act 2022, fire (and structural) safety are primarily the responsibility of Marcol and Orbit as ‘Principal Accountable Persons’. However, we and FirstPort, (as ‘Accountable Persons’), have a duty to report any relevant issues.

Residents can report concerns direct to the concierge directly or on 07970 352094, pending full transfer to Glide.