The Car Park

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Each apartment owner has an allocated car parking space within the secure multi-storey car park which is situated at the north-east corner of the development, and linked to the second floor of the main building by an enclosed walkway. The car park is accessed from The Quay by a roadway between the development and the adjacent Thistle Hotel.

During the summer months, The Quay may be closed to vehicles for events, in which case access to the car park is available via East Quay Road, to the rear, via Skinner Street.

On arrival at the gate, drivers should present their access card to the proximity reader to their right. Please note that the entrance to the car park is quite tight – 4×4’s bearing roof racks and larger commercial vehicles are unlikely to pass through. Drivers of other vehicles should proceed with caution, and should not tailgate vehicles ahead of them.

Please note that every space is numbered and owned by specific apartments. There are no visitors’ spaces in the development, so residents’ guests should be directed to alternative car parks – either the Thistle hotel adjacent, or the Quay Visitors’ Car Park on Old Orchard, nearby.

Residents can access Dolphin Quays directly from the car park by presenting their swipe card to the panel at the lift lobby door and taking the lift to the top floor, where they will find the glass link bridge to the second floor of the building.

When exiting the car park, drivers do not need to re-present their swipe card – a loop in the roadway activates the exit gate. Please do not drive right up to the exit gate, as the gate opens inwards.

Please note that car parking spaces are for the parking of roadworthy motor vehicles and should not be used for any other storage.