The Keeping of Pets

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Pets may only be kept in Dolphin Quays with the prior written consent of the managing agents (see below) who will set out the protocols, For guidance the following Regulations are set out below;

1) When moving around the common areas, pets must always be properly controlled, restrained or caged.

2) Pets usually considered dangerous or poisonous, including dogs listed in the Dangerous Dogs Act 1991 (as amended from time to time) will not be permitted.

3) Pets must be properly controlled and supervised at all times, both within residential units and outside, on balconies or on roof terraces.

4) Pets must be kept and controlled so as not to cause a breach of any of the Tenant’s covenants contained in the residential leases nor cause injury or nuisance to other tenants or invitees.

5) Pets must not be permitted to cause damage or disrepair to any part of Dolphin Quays, nor to soil any part of the Development. Any soiling must be cleaned up immediately and deposits removed from the Development safely and hygienically.

6) Tenants keeping pets are required to fully indemnify the Landlord against all losses claims expenses damages or costs occurring as a result of the Tenant’s failure to abide by these Regulations.

7) Should a Tenant breach these Regulations the Landlord reserves the right to withdraw consent to their pet being kept in the property and the pet shall be immediately removed.

Please direct all Pet ownership requests to Reception (Dolphin.Reception@firstport.co.uk) including a clear photo of the pet, and it will be forwarded to the Managing Agent for approval.